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1. Circular on Instructions in respect of Industries for Registration of Licences Download
2. Fee Structure of Licences Download
3. Circular of Auto-Renewal Of Licences detailed guidelines Download
4. Circular of Auto-Renewal Of Registration of Licences Download
5. Risk Criteria Circular Download
6. Circular reg online submission of inspection report within 48 hours and twice consecutively Download
7. Circular Instructions to limit Check list Download
8. Circular on Registrations and Renewals of Licences Download
9. Availability of Services of Grant, Renewals, Registration of Licences on SDB of Industries department reg. Download
10. Circular reg Letter from APIIC as valid proof 2018 Download
11. 2018 Public Service Delivery Rules pertaining to Legal Metrology Department Download
12. 2018 Public Service Delivery Gurantee Rules Download
13. 2018 Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act PSDGA Download